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Price List


** All visors are custom made to suit every individual truck, price includes fitting**

Moostyle sun visor, any shape any style. Bolt or boltless style visor custom made to suit any truck, includes fitting

Bonnet Trucks from $1699 +GST

Cab over Truck from $1799 +GST

Utes from $1250 +GST


Custom stone guards from $1100 +GST

Turntable covers

Painted or stainless suit any make $900 +GST

Stainless grill mesh $600 +GST

Custom billet gearstick (1 piece tube inner hoses) start from $400 +GST

Bonneted Trucks

(Based on Kenworth T400/T900 Series)


Any style from $1795 +GST

If fitted with original stainless visor $1650 +GST

All visors are custom made to suit every individual truck, price includes fitting 

TANK SKIRTS (Based on STD size 1450mm long)

Top step $400 pair +GST

Bottom step $400 pair +GST

Bottom kicker $250 pair +GST


1 piece bonneted Kenworth deflector $550 +GST

Custom side of bonnet deflectors $450 +GST


Lights wired to truck (wiring only, lights additional cost) $20 each +GST


Stainless grill mesh $600 +GST

Steel taxas style bumper - painted with stainless facia from $2800 +GST

Air cleaner surrounds $500 pair +GST

Stainless wrap bowls $800 pair +GST

Headlight surrounds $350 pair +GST

Headlight surrounds with top & sides $600 pair +GST

Centre window strip $80 +GST

Door kicker panel $450 pair +GST

Rear wing panels - blanks $1200 pair +GST

Stainless weather shields $400 pair +GST

Window choppers $350 pair +GST

Top of daylight door strip $300 pair +GST

Exhaust surrounds $1300 +GST

Battery box lid $1500 +GST

Top of hood strip cover $700 +GST

Custom grill $1300 +GST

Guardless brackets - painted to chassis colour $1800 +GST

Rear light bars - wraps over stock tailight bar blanks $450 +GST

Custom tailight bars made on application POA +GST

Twin 6" exhaust system bracket less with mufflers built in from $3800 +GST

Twin 7" exhaust system from $4500 + GST

Twin 8" exhaust system from $6000 +GST

Custom moostyle 1 piece mirror bars from $800 +GST

Custom billet gearstick with inner hoes $500 +GST

450 Litre round tank wraps (comes with new rubber & polished straps) $900 +GST

650 Litre square tank wraps (comes with new rubber & polished straps) $1300 +GST

Painted front & rear deck plates from $900 +GST


Painted or stainless - suit any make $900 +GST

Cab-over Trucks

(Based on Kenworth)


Any style from $1799 +GST

**All visors are custom made to suit individual truck, price includes fitting**

Stainless stone guards from $1100 +GST

Weather shields from $350 +GST +GST

TANK WRAPS (Fitted with new rubber and polished straps)

Round from $900 +GST

Square from $1100 +GST


For square tanks (old school) from $1100 +GST


Rear wing panels (lights additional cost) from $1100 +GST

Custom gantry can be made to take twin exhaust and intake POA +GST

Under cab skirts from $900 +GST

Battery box cover wrap $500 +GST

K200 step fill in panels to tank $600 +GST

Guardless brackets - painted to match chassis colour $1800 +GST

Centre window strip $80 +GST

Stainless 8 inch pipe to fit over standard 5/6 inch pipes $700 +GST