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About Truck'in Stainless

Michael and Melissa Lake

Owners of Truck'in Stainless

Truck'in Stainless was established in 2006 by Michael and Melissa Lake. From 2006 they have grown their business from a hobby done from home to a rapidly growing successful business. You can find Truck'in Stainless At Unit 12 20-22 Ellerslie Rd, Meadowbrook, or give Mick or Mel a call on 0432749040.

Michael and Melissa Lake

Owners of Truck'in Stainless

Truck'in Stainless was established in 2006 by Michael and Melissa Lake. From 2006 they have grown their business from a hobby done from home to a rapidly growing successful business. You can find Truck'in Stainless At Unit 12 20-22 Ellerslie Rd, Meadowbrook, or give Mick or Mel a call on 0432749040.

Brisbane Truck Show 2023

Murwillumbah Truck Center asked Truckin Stainless to do a Fuso Truck for the Brisbane Truck Show and we said it'd be an honour!

So we pimped her out with custom visor, stainless exhaust muffler cover, wrapped the tank and made a Custom tank skirt also a battery box lid.

After being in the shop for a week we sent her on her way. Next time we seen her she was shining bright in the show, she was definitely a stand out on the Daimler Truck stand.

Thanks to Murwillumbah Truck Center for letting us pimp out your ride.


Heritage Truck Show 2023

It was an awesome beautiful sunny day at Rocklea, so we cruised on through in Tsunami. Parked her up put the tunes on and kicked back for the day. Good to catch up with all the other truckers, went for a walk around and seen some awesome trucks, the highlight of the day was seeing the trucks done by Truckin Stainless. Great to see the dream staying alive.

Auto One Browns Plains 2023

The other day we decided to take the trucks for a run out to Auto One Browns Plains car show. We rolled up late, their were hundreds of people watching the big girl and Tsunami roll on in. They gave us the VIP treatment and the crowd just come running. Had an awesome night we picked up 1st and 2nd for 'Other Vehicle' and then we got the major one the 'Grand Champion' which were awesome we didn't think we'd be getting anything. So looks like more car shows for us. Keep On Truck'in.

Thanks Auto One!

Matty Hellcoats Truckies Day Out 2022

Well Well Well Where do we Start!

What a weekend, with the rain coming down, we headed north, banging along in Tsunami. Pulled her in to Gympie Showgrounds and started cleaning em up only for the rain to come down again. The heavens opened up and the trophies started flowing. First we got 1st place for 'Best Cab Over' and 2nd place for 'Best Custom Truck' for Tsunami and Filthy took out 1st place for 'Best Custom Truck' and 'Best Soot'.

We took the trucks out on a parade hoping the truck wouldn't stop because we didn't have an alternator but she soldiered on blowing plenty of soot. Loaded them up turned her south and launched her home, was awesome show see you all next year.

Lowood Truck Show 2022

Well... we went to Lowood what a day it was.

We cruised on out there Saturday morning, unloaded the big girl and went for a cruise around Lowood chuck'in skids. Parked her up at the show grounds before we knew it they called us out to do a burnout on the concrete pad which we done successfully! Presentation time rolled around and Filthy come off with 'Best Custom'. Was an awesome day awesome people round. We fired Tsunami up turned her east bound and down. We were all loaded up and Truck"in home. See ya next year for sure for sure!

Casino Truck Show 2022

On the 5th of August 2022 us here at Truckin Stainless went cruisin in the big blue girl down to Casino. Put aside that the throttle got stuck full throttle and we have to drive it like we stole it, but it was a quick fix at Bunnings Lismore. Cruised in to Casino Friday night and there was a bunch of show trucks, got to our destination sat around for a bit, then though bugger this so jumped in Tsunami with Filthy on the float and Cruised around the streets of Casino. Saturday morning we unloaded Filthy and went in the parade through the town, finished up in the Main Street to which Filthy won best conventional truck out of 387 trucks. Had an awesome day loaded her up and bought her home. Was an awesome show can't wait till next year.

Mt Gravatt Show 2022

The 25th of July we headed to Mt Gravatt Truck Show, where there was plenty

of trucks and stiff competition. Filthy and Tsunami came off with 3 Trophies... Go Us!

Was an awesome day. Bring on Mt Gravatt Truck Show 2023.


Truckin Stainless headed to Kilcoy on Saturday 28th March, it was a beautiful sunny day, and we finally got to get Filthy out of the shed!

Heaps of people out on the parade.

Filthy came home with 1st show truck, while Tsunami got 3rd.

Truckin Stainless crew had an awesome day out with both trucks, but on the way home we blew a steer tyre on Tsunami, Thanks to Laurie Williams for pulling up and letting us borrow his Jake and tyre. Thanks heaps Laurie!


Wow its been a year already!!! Truckin Stainless headed to the 2019 Lowood truck show in Tsumani and her new trailer, unfortunately Filthy couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Tsumani held up to her reputation and come away with best interior and best unique. Always a great day at Lowood out with boys


Had a busy week getting Filthy ready for the Lowood Truck Show, but we got her there with the shine applied. The organisers convinced us to do do a burnout in Filthy then we let the smoke rip. Tsunami won best interior and best international, and Filthy getting its first trophy for Best Unique. Thanks to the crowd for making Filthy feel welcome, can't with to get her out again.


Truckin Stainless enjoyed the weekend at the Gold Coast Truck Show 2018, enjoying the sun and catching up with friends and family. Truckin Stainless truck "Tsunami" won best International on the day. Mel looking very proud with their trophy.


Truckin Stainless headed off to the Casino Truck show on the weekend, And we come home with 'Best Custom Truck'. It was a great turn out was good to see the trucking community get together. Cant wait to return next year.


Saturday 29th April 2017, Mick and Mel went out to the Kilcoy Konvoy in there Atkison. With 70 or so trucks there, we came off with truck of the show. Was an awesome show put on by Kilcoy, cant wait to go back nest year.


Saturday 27th August, Truck'in Stainless headed out to Lowood Truck Show and Parade through town. Truck'in Stainless put on a couple of events in which everyone had a ball. With Tim winning the 'Closest to the witches hat' and Smarty winning the 'Jake sound off' at 122dba. Mick and Mel from Truck'in Stainless came home with a couple of trophies 'Best custom Truck' and 'Best custom interior'


On Saturday the 4th of November Truckin Stainless went to Brisbane Convoy for Kids, it was a good day to contribute to a worthy cause. We picked up a trophy for Best Vintage Truck. Good to see a lot of trucks we have done over the years turn up. 


Unit 12, 20-22 Ellerslie Road


(Just off the Logan Motorway)







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