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Rebel Eliminator


Rebel Eliminator All-in-One Cleaner, Polish, and Sealant What is Rebel Eliminator? Rebel Eliminator is an all-in-one cleaner, polish, and sealant. What is Rebel Eliminator All-In-One used for? It will remove light to moderate surface scratches and leave your paint polished and protected. This product was engineered to be a quick on the go polish. It can also be used on foggy headlights! How do I use Rebel Eliminator All-In-One? Apply a few pea-sized drops onto a Premium Red Microfiber Towel or a Premium Microfiber Round Pad and gently work the product into the body panel or headlight, with the intention of evenly distributing the product. After distribution, use a dual-action polisher to begin the correction and polish.

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